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LeakSignal Announces Open-Source Mesh Runtime Security Platform to Secure Microservice Environments

Former Red Hat and Shape Security Leaders Launch LeakSignal

LeakSignal, a data visibility and posture management platform for microservices, today announced the launch of the company and its open-source product. Led by Wesley Hales, Co-Founder and CEO, and Issac Roth, Co-Founder and CTO, the company is focused on securing microservices to empower organizations with continuous visibility into data leakage and risk exposures.

The Network and API security solutions on the market today were built for monolithic, Web 2.0 types of architecture and logic. As organizations transition to the next generation of Application Development & Platform technologies, these solutions don’t cater to the new insurgence of microservice and serverless environments.

“CNAPP, CSPM, and API Security are just the tip of the iceberg, and newer open-source projects based on eBPF can’t read layer 7 traffic,” said Hales. “When you look at microservice architectures and how sensitive data can flow from thousands of services, the attack surface expands dramatically. LeakSignal covers that entire new attack surface.”

LeakSignal is unique in that it is the first to provide layer 4-7 data visibility and protection for microservices environments, allowing security teams to take control and set limits on sensitive data access. Using LeakSignal, organizations achieve:

  • Prioritization: Monitor data flows between microservices and outside systems to map service interactions and decorate them with posture indicators and sensitive data tracing.
  • Assessment: Empower security teams with risk severity views across all services, allowing strict compliance, frameworks, and security requirements to be attested & enforced.
  • Protection: Apply policy, including rate limits and redaction to prevent lateral movement, probing, and abuse.

These new capabilities help Privacy, Data, and Audit executives ensure their business and regulatory requirements for data security posture management (DSPM), privacy assurance, and controls validation are achieved.

“Digital-native companies already rely heavily on modern service mesh technologies, including sophisticated security at the edge,” said Manik Surtani, VP of Engineering, Platform and Cloud, CashApp, Block. “LeakSignal adds to this arsenal with technology for the analysis and identification of potential data exfiltration, strengthening mesh networks.”

Hales most recently led development and strategic alliances at Shape Security, acquired by F5. Prior to this, he held leadership roles at a variety of leading companies including, tCell, Instart Logic, Apigee and Red Hat. Roth previously founded startup, Makara, and through its acquisition by Red Hat, Roth created OpenShift, the premier enterprise cloud container platform. He went on to create the commercial company around Node.js, which was acquired by IBM where he was CTO of API Economy.

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About LeakSignal:

LeakSignal redesigned network level cybersecurity for microservices and service mesh technologies because traditional defenses don’t scale with newer microservice architectures. LeakSignal’s mission is to provide enterprise-grade security solutions that are open, cloud-native, performant and lethal in their ability to stop cyber attacks. Aligned with the MeshSecOps movement, LeakSignal’s solution focuses on sensitive data analysis in the service mesh to achieve effective, low-touch results.

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