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Modern Architectures Need Modern Data Security.

LeakSignal  empowers cloud security teams with unparalleled protection against sensitive data leakage through realtime, in-transit data classification.



Identify and block advanced attackers like never before. Simplified rate limiting, redaction, and segmentation controls.


Holistic reporting on compliance and visibility of sensitive data flows. Meet PCI DSS requirements in minutes.


Openly distributed, cloud-native first, with a strong open source community presence. Simple integration with no dependencies.
Case Studies

Trusted by the world's top organizations

Before LeakSignal we had no way to detect or stop advanced threat actors who were bypassing our existing defenses. Within the first day of deployment, we were able to identify and block all malicious activity and LeakSignal was immediately integrated into our SecOps workflow.

Israel Chavez Guerra – SRE and DevOps Manager

Microservice Security At-A-Glance

Open and Free

LeakSignal is available on github and also commercially supported and packaged in your favorite marketplace.

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