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  • Categories: What kind of sensitive data we are looking for
  • Endpoints: Where to look for that sensitive data
  • Match Rules: Our common format for specifying how to parse, match, and exclude text.
  • Service Identification: How we determine what a service is called
  • SBAC: Hard blocking rules (i.e. A credit card number is never dispatched to the outside internet)
  • Rules: Distributed alerts and ratelimits (i.e. Non-admin users cannot see more than 10 distinct credit cards in an hour)
  • Body Collection: When to upload entire request/response/stream bodies
  • Header Collection: What headers to upload for telemetry
  • Report Style: Configures what form is match information sent upstream
  • Parsers: Interpreting Layer 4 and Layer 7 structure.

Misc Fields

  • path_groups: A list of PathGlobs that are used for additional path aggregation.