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  • Kubernetes
  • Istio or OpenShift Service Mesh


LeakSignal Operator is available on OperatorHub, or as a Certified Operator on OpenShift OperatorHub.

You can create a subscription to deploy the LeakSignal Operator:

kind: Subscription
name: leaksignal-operator
namespace: operators
channel: stable
name: leaksignal-operator
source: operatorhubio-catalog
sourceNamespace: olm
installPlanApproval: Automatic

Docker Images

There is a public image available:

The version is not correlated with the LeakSignal version. Versions with -ubi suffixes are built on the RedHat UBI image. The -helm suffixed tags contain the Helm chart to deploy the operator.

Helm Chart

The easiest way to deploy the Operator without OLM is with the Helm Chart:

helm upgrade --install leaksignal-operator oci:// \
--version 1.6.2-helm \
--namespace leaksignal-operator \

If updating from a previous version via Helm, make sure to manually update the CRDs:

$ kubectl apply -f

Helm Values

Check out our GitHub Repository for details on Helm configurable values.

For most situations, the defaults will work right out of the box.

Next Steps

Check out Getting Started to get LeakSignal deployed!