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Service Identification

There are two fields at the root level of the policy, local_service_name and peer_service_name that specify service identification. They default to the best option for Istio.

These fields specify how we identify the service we are running on (local_service_name), and the service we are talking to (peer_service_name).

Each service identification configuration has the following format:

# any missing fields are filled in with defaults

# The name of the cluster the workload is on
cluster: Source,
# The namespace of the workload
ns: Source,
# The service account or service name of the workload
sa: Source,
# The workload name
workload: Source,

# where Source is one of:

# Returns nothing
# Uses the Istio SPIFFE ID
# Uses an environment variable
!env "ENV_VAR"
# Uses a connection attribute
!attrs "ATTR_NAME"
# Uses a static value
# select the name from `from` if present, otherwise `to`.
from: Source
to: Source