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Report Style

Frequently, we do not want sensitive information being sent upstream to Command. To faciliate that, LeakSignal can be configured in several ways to limit or eliminate sensitive information being sent upstream.



The report_style field specifies the general report style for requests that match this endpoint configuration.

  • raw: The raw matched value is reported.
  • partial_sha256: the first report_bits bits of the SHA-256 hash of the matched value is reported. Expects an accompanying report_bits field.
  • sha256: The complete SHA-256 hash of the matched value is reported.
  • none: No data is reported. Alerts in LeakSignal Command will not be able to deduplicate values matched many times.


The report_bits field is only used when report_style is partial_sha256. It specifies how many leading bits of the SHA-256 hash to retain.


The default report style is defined at the root level of the policy, then can be overriden in Categories or Endpoints.

Choosing a Report Style

For data that is not sensitve and where the value is useful in analysis (i.e. a user ID), the default raw style is appropriate.

When dealing with sensitive information that has comparable or less bits of entropy than a SHA-256 hash (i.e. credit cards, SSNs), partial_sha256 with an accompanying report_bits is recommended. The hash will be truncated before it's sent to Command.

When dealing with oversize amounts of data, or sensitive data that has sufficient entropy, sha256 can be used.

In cases where no value reporting is required, none can be used. Command will not be able to de-duplicate values that are matched multiple times.