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Getting Help

For technical issues you can file an issue on GitHub. You can also reach out to us at


LeakAgent exposes logs on the leakagent pods.

To fetch logs on a Kubernetes deployment in the leakagent namespace, run:

  1. kubectl -n leakagent get pods
  2. kubectl -n leakagent logs <pod name>

Checking Telemetry Directly

If you are not seeing LeakAgent metrics in Prometheus, you can check if LeakAgent is properly emitting metrics:

  1. Find full name of leakagent prometheus service: kubectl -n leakagent get svc
  2. Port forward prometheuskubectl -n leakagent port-forward svc/leakagent-prom 9176
  3. In a browser, navigate to http://localhost:9176/metrics to confirm presence of Prometheus metrics.

If you are seeing metrics here and not in Prometheus, then there is likely a configuration issue with Prometheus. If you are not seeing metrics here, then it is likely that there is some issue with the policy, or Envoy sidecars running LeakSignal.


If there is a critical issue with LeakAgent, you can always remove & redeploy it, or simply delete all deployed pods to reset their state. Please file us a bug report on GitHub if you encounter any issues!