our mission

Defining the new standard for securing microservice environments

LeakSignal redesigned network level cybersecurity for microservices and service mesh technologies because traditional defenses don’t scale with newer microservice architectures. As microservice and serverless traffic creates new exposures, LeakSignal’s mission is to provide enterprise-grade security solutions that are open, cloud-native, performant and lethal in their ability to stop cyber attacks. Aligned with the MeshSecOps movement, LeakSignal’s solution focuses on sensitive data analysis in the service mesh  to achieve effective, low-touch results.

Wesley Hales

CEO & Co-Founder

Issac Roth

CTO & Co-Founder

Phil Purdy

Director of Business Development

Max Bruce

Head of Engineering

Rett Gerst

Software Engineer

Pierre Saslawski

Software Engineer

Elijah Lord

Software Engineer

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